codman® hakim® programmable shunt

Fixed pressure shunts are pre-set to respond to a specific pressure, such as low, medium, or high. If the pressure needs changes after surgery, the shunt must be replaced with one that matches the new pressure requirement.

The CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Shunt is an innovative system that gives neurosurgeons the ability to tailor the valve opening pressure to the unique needs of each individual within a range of 18 pressure settings. HAKIM is a registered trademark of Hakim USA, LLC and is used under license by Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.. It also enables the neurosurgeon to adjust the pressure setting simply and easily after surgery as needs change, without additional surgery. The exclusive, external programming device lets the neurosurgeon change the selected pressure in seconds with the push of a button, so it can be done right in the physician’s office with little or no discomfort.

Using a microtechnology manufacturing process employed by the Swiss watch industry, the CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Shunt is small, which makes it more discrete, as well as highly accurate and consistent in its performance. The exclusive Siphonguard Anti-Siphon device prevents excessive cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow during position changes.


The CODMAN HAKIM Precision Valves offer a range of five fixed pressure shunts that are pre-set to a specific pressure, such as low, medium-high or high for example. The neurosurgeon will select the appropriate shunt to implant depending on the patient’s symptoms. After implantation, the valve pressure cannot be changed, though, unlike that of the CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve. A change of pressure setting is not always necessary but when needed in a patient with a fixed pressure valve, it requires exchanging the whole valve for a new one set at a different pressure (revision Procedure).

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DSUS/COD/1214/0214 - 01/2015



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