codman® bactiseal® antimicrobial impregnated catheter system

Bacterial colonization is a concern whenever a shunt is implanted, because bacteria coming from the skin or the surgical field can contaminate the brain during or shortly after the procedure. It can lead to possibly serious complications.

The CODMAN BACTISEAL Antimicrobial Impregnated Catheter System is the first catheter to come with its own first line of defense. Using an exclusive manufacturing process, Codman Neuro impregnates the catheter with two powerful antibiotics that slowly release to prevent bacterial colonization from occurring during that important first month.

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DSUS/COD/1214/0214 - 01/2015



Jose and Katie gave birth to a little boy two years ago. They were very worried because Carlos came

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Did You Know?

congenital hydrocephalus
a type of hydrocephalus that occurs before, during, or soon after birth, or later in life due to a medical condition that existed at birth