the physical exam

During a physical exam, healthcare professionals will look for different things depending on the age of the person who is suspected of having hydrocephalus.

    check the head for swelling, and check overall muscle tone
    check the head for swelling, and also check the eyes and reflexes.
    check to see whether the child is reaching developmental goals including:
    • Physical milestones such as smiling, crawling, walking, and rolling over.
    • Mental milestones such as speaking, school performance, memory, and personality changes.
    • Check eyes, balance, reflexes, and coordination.
    check ability to perform expected functions such as speaking, walking, and memory; as well as for personality changes, eyes, balance, reflexes, and coordination.

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Success Story

Talking with specialists and other parents through the workings of the Hydrocephalus Association

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Did You Know?

Hydrocephalus is a combination of the Greek word “hydro” which means water and “cephalus” which means head.